Acoustic innovation technologies towards a sustainable future


Noise Maps

Noise maps for towns, cities, highways, roads, industry, among others to analyze the acoustic impact on the environment and population. We provide sustainable solutions to comply with acoustics regulations.

Acoustic Certifications

The Acoustic Certifications are to guarantee the acoustic result in our projects to make sure you comply with the local and environmental regulations.

Noise Control

We achieve the noise reduction necessary to comply with the maximum levels of noise immission towards exteriors and nearby homes, avoiding annoyances, complying with regulations and avoiding any possibility of future closure of activity / business due to noise.

Acoustic Comfort

Through an intelligent noise control strategy within a space, we achieve Acoustic Comfort in its interior. Byabsorbing unwanted noise, covering the entire area of ​​interest with sound, controlling reverberationandsectorizing zones, we getthe highest Intelligibility Index and customer satisfaction.


We calculate the minimum soundproofing required for each noise propagation path and frequency band, to achieve noise control and comply with the soundproofing indexof construction solutions regulated by state construction regulations.

Through our “Cost Optimization Method”we achieve the same minimum soundproofing calculated with much less material.

Sound Amplification

We fill a previously conditioned space with high-fidelity sound, with an intelligent speaker distribution design.

We implement the optimal distribution in space, choice of directivity, avoiding delays, echoes, distortion and resonances, obtaining the purest and most professional sound both in indoors and outdoors.