AI by Tafortech: Artificial Intelligence for a new Acoustic

We are introducing our new acoustic AI software with unique features only offered by Tafortech worldwide. Join the Revolution towards Industry 4.0

After years of R+D+i we have managed to combine our innovative engineering methods with a new engine calculator of maximum precision, achieving total noise control, acoustic comfort, and material savings through a complete Acoustic Noise Control Render.

Using our own reverse engineering methods, linking to big data databases, cloud computing, geolocation, and our new Artificial Intelligence system; we have endowed the system with Acoustic Intelligence.

We have managed to automate not only calculations and rendering, but the selection of the optimal acoustic system for each case, while automatically generating 3D plans and schematics of the entire construction, creating simple on site work control checkpoints, reducing project development times and ultimately, minimizing the construction costs associated with the maximum possible guarantee.

We have managed to create the first artificial intelligence system focused on acoustics, available only for our customers.

No room for errors

We now have 100% accuracy in predictions and calculations, thanks to an acoustic rendering in bands of 1/3 octave according to ISO12354 that also always calculates from the beginning with the optimal constructive solution

Time Optimization

What used to take weeks now takes a few hours, focusing now on what is important: selection, costs, distribution and aesthetics of the materials in order to satisfy the customer

3D Generator

All plans generated in 3D with the latest technology for a clear vision of the final image.

Installation Set Up

It gives you clear 3D instructions in the installation set up, so we assure the correct implementation on site.

Materials Breakdown

Gives an automatic breakdown of all main and secondary materials needed, quantity and local suppliers.

Check Points

Generates check point technical sheets for project management.